• Goshensignup.com is the place to go to sign up for events in Goshen! The idea is to create a single place for people and groups to advertise their classes/events, and an easy way for people to sign up for those classes/events.
    The only time the website collects any money is when a class or event is posted that requires payment. After the Paypal fees, the site collects 5% for handling the payments. There is no cost to register or sign up for a class.
    Click on the Register link at the bottom of the login panel. All we need is your name and email, and then a username and password. Choose what kind of account you want, enter the security code, and click Register. That’s it! Ok, one more thing. After a little bit, you’ll get a verification email. Click on the link in that email, and then you are registered. Your email will only be used by the site, and will never be sold or distributed. In fact, even when you sign up for a class, the person who posted the class won’t get your email address. You can send them a message, and they can send you a message through the site, without exposing your address.
    At the bottom of the class or event description there will be one or two buttons. If the person who posted the event doesn’t require pre-payment, then you will see a blue “Join class” button. Click that button, and you are registered. (If you don’t see any buttons at the bottom, you are probably not logged in to the site – put the username and password you selected when you registered in the login fields in the upper right, and click on “Login”. Then you can join a class/event) If the poster is allowing pre-payment, you will see a second button that says “Join & Pay for class”. You can click on this and you will be taken to the Paypal payment site where you can pay for the class/event with either your Paypal account, or any major credit card. If the poster is requiring payment for the class/event, the orange “Join & Pay for class” is the only button you will see.
    You don't need a Paypal account to pay for a class. When you get to the Paypal screen, there is a link to click on to pay with any credit card.
    If you are logged in, you can click that button, and you will have “subscribed” to that category. That means that whenever somebody posts a new class or event in that category, you will get an email letting you know about it. You can then come to the site and check out the details, and sign up for it, if you wish.
    At the top of the class/event detail page, there will be a blue "Message Poster" button. Clicking on that will take you to a page where you can send a message to the person who posted the class. The message is handled by the website, so neither the posters or your email address is exposed. If you wish to email or talk to the person directly, there is nothing wrong with giving them your email address or phone number. That is between you and the poster.
    The first number is the number of people signed up for that class, the second number is the minimum number of people required for the class, and the last number is the maximum allowed in the class.
    To change your account type, go to the Settings option on the toolbar, and then change your account type on the settings page.
    Yes, you can still join other classes/events using the same account.
    Once you have logged on to the site as a poster, you should see the Posts button. Click on that, and it will take you to the "Create a new Post" page.
    If you think your class/event should be in a category that is not listed, put your suggestion in the box that says "Request a new category". We'll check it out, and if it deserves a new category, we'll add it and let you know.
    Just click on each date you want. As you click on a date, it should turn red. If you click on the wrong date, click on it again, and it should unselect.
    The title and short description are what you see on the home page in the categories. They both should be short and clear. The details section is where you want to be specific about what the class/event is and what is required. If you want people to email you directly, you can put your email here as well.
    You have 3 choices when it comes to prepayment - Allow, Require, and No. No just means that the website does not handle payments - whether the class/event has a cost associated with it or not. Require means that anyone signing up for the class is required to pay up front, on the website. When they click on the Join button for a class/event, they will automatically be taken to the Paypal site where they can pay for the class. Allow means they can prepay if they want, or they can join without prepaying.
    That is the deadline for people signing up for the class. If you set a minimum number of students for a class, and the minimum is not meant by the deadline, the class will automatically be cancelled, everyone will get an email telling them that, and if anybody prepayed, they will get a refund. All of this happens automatically. If you set the minimum at 5, and only 4 have signed up, and you decide that 4 is acceptable, then you need to make sure you change the minimum to 4 before the deadline, so the class doesn't get cancelled.
    Sure. The time field is just a text box, so you can spell out the exact times in whatever manner you want.